Corrugated connections

How to connect a corrugated pipe involves several different methods. There are different types of corrugated pipes. These pipes are produced in different sizes and dimensions. Corrugated pipes are not usually used alone; Rather, a number of them are placed next to each other. The pipes must be connected together properly. Various factors determine how the corrugated pipe is connected. Corrugated pipes are ready to transfer liquids after proper connection. Connecting different pipes to each other is more difficult than connecting the same pipes. The connection of corrugated polyethylene pipes should be done by experts. Proper connection of these pipes is very important. Wrong connection of corrugated pipe causes a lot of financial and human losses. New methods were developed for connecting corrugated pipes. But despite the new methods, in some cases the old methods are used to connect corrugated pipes. Each method of connecting corrugated polyethylene pipes has its own advantages.

How to connect a corrugated pipe

Effective parameters in how to connect corrugated pipe

Various parameters are involved in how the corrugated pipe is connected. Experts and experts take into account the factors that determine how to connect corrugated pipes to each other. Pressure is one of the determining parameters in the method of connecting corrugated pipe. The amount of pressure applied to the polyethylene pipes is very important. In measuring the pressure applied to the pipe, both internal and external pressure are calculated. Internal pressure is caused by material flowing in the pipe. External pressure is caused by soil pressure and weight; It enters the pipes. The maximum possible pressure applied to the pipes must be calculated. In addition to the amount of pressure, the resistance and strength of the pipes against the pressures is also important. Corrugated polyethylene pipes are produced in different sizes and qualities. The amount of resistance and strength of pipes against longitudinal and transverse pressures are not equal to each other. Pipes must be checked for proper connection. Considering these factors, experts choose the best connection method for corrugated pipes.

Method of welding edge to edge of corrugated pipes

In examining corrugated joints, edge-to-edge welding is the first method; Which is examined. This method is very simple. It can be considered as one of the old methods of connecting corrugated pipes. In the edge-to-edge method, the connection of corrugated pipes is done with the help of heat. Carogit double-walled pipes are made of ethylene polymer. Polymers have a certain melting temperature despite their high resistance to heat. At the melting point of polyethylene, this material loses its shape. In the edge-to-edge welding method, this feature of polyethylene polymers is used. When the polyethylene pipes are heated; They lose their shape. The pipes are connected to each other at melting temperature. After connection, these pipes cool and take on their shape. Ethylene polymer is a refractory material. This thermoplastic does not catch fire. Due to this property of polyethylene, there is no possibility of fire in the edge-to-edge welding method of corrugated pipes. But during welding operations, injuries threaten people. If the heating of Carogit polyethylene pipes is not done properly; These pipes will be seriously damaged. In the edge-to-edge welding method, a hot plate is used for heating. This plate should be in the right place between the two pipes. A relatively high temperature is required to connect the pipes.

Tips for edge-to-edge welding of corrugated pipes

There are tips for doing edge-to-edge welding. Corrugated polyethylene pipes are resistant to temperatures below 200 degrees. The starting point of polyethylene melting starts from 200 ° C. For this reason, the hot plate temperature must be higher than 200 ° C. After the pipes reach this temperature, the connection between the two corrugated pipes is done. If the temperature rises too high, there will be problems connecting the corrugated pipe. Newer methods replaced this method.

Electrofusion welding method

Electrofusion welding is another example of how a corrugated pipe is connected. The use of electrofusion welding has significant advantages over traditional methods. In electrofusion welding, the tubes are connected to each other in a safer way. In this method, like edge-to-edge welding, the property of thermoplastic materials is used. Polyethylene is a type of thermoplastic. This material is softened by heat. When the two tubes are heated and softened; They are easily connected to each other. The method of heating in electrofusion welding is very different from edge-to-edge welding. One of the most important advantages of the electrofusion welding method over edge-to-edge welding is that it is faster. In construction projects, time is a very important factor. In large projects, work time should be kept to a minimum. For this reason, for large construction projects, electrofusion welding is more suitable than edge-to-edge welding.

How to connect a corrugated pipe with the help of electrofusion welding

In the case of connecting the corrugated pipe with the help of electrofusion welding, heat is given to the pipes from inside. In this method, an electrofusion plate is used. Electrofusion around the tubes covers the corrugated polyethylene from the outside of the tubes. Inside the tubes is a device called a Buin coil. This coil heats up with the help of electricity. As the coil heats up, the polyethylenes melt the corrugated pipe. Buin raises the temperature of corrugated pipes to 200 ° C. In this method, there are dangers due to the use of electricity to melt. Specialists should connect corrugated pipes by electrofusion welding. There are dangers during the project of connecting corrugated pipes by electrofusion welding method. One of the main dangers is the presence of electricity. Due to the use of electricity in the electrofusion method, there are risks such as electric shock for employees.

How to connect a corrugated pipe with the help of extrusion welding

Extrusion welding is one of the methods of connecting two corrugated pipes. This method is used to connect pipes larger than 800 mm. The connection of polyethylene pipes is done with the help of extrusion welding in two steps. Doing so should be left to expert and experienced people; Otherwise, there will be many problems and damages. In the first step of this method, the edges of the two corrugated pipes are heated. The reason for the hot edge of the pipes is the better connection between them. In the second stage, molten polyethylene is injected. To do the second step correctly, the two corrugated pipes must be next to each other. If the two edges of the corrugated pipes do not fit together; The pipes are not connected properly. Molten polyethylene acts as an adhesive. The injection of molten polyethylene is done with the help of a special device. The injection of polyethylenes is done by a device called an extruder. The correct way to inject polyethylene is very important. Specialists inject polyethylene into wires in pipes. Molten polyethylenes have good ductility. During the injection, specialists form polyethylene tubes.

Mechanical fittings of corrugated pipes

Another method of connecting corrugated pipes is the mechanical connection of these pipes. Mechanical connection is the most popular way to connect a corrugated pipe. Mechanical connection of corrugated pipes has many positive advantages and features. One of the most important features of mechanical connection of corrugated pipes is the ease of work. In other methods of connecting corrugated pipes, it must be accompanied by melting of these pipes. Melting pipes and connecting them is a difficult and complicated task. But in mechanical connection, there is no need to melt the pipes. In other connection methods, the corrugated pipe had to be heated. It takes a long time for corrugated pipes to reach their melting point of 200 ° C. Coupling corrugated pipes are produced for mechanical connections. The standard length of coupler pipes is 6 meters. Mechanical connection of corrugated pipes is done in male and female methods. It is possible to connect corrugated pipes by any means. But what matters is the connection of the pipe; Doing the right method is the choice. If the pipes are connected properly, these double-walled pipes will have a long life.

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