Nesha Gostar Pardis

Nasha Gostar Pardis Company started its activity in 1998 as the first manufacturer of double-walled polyethylene pipes in Iran. In November 2000, the company was able to obtain a special statue of initiative and technology from the first International Exhibition of Water and Water and Sewerage Facilities in Tehran.

Nasha Gostar Pardis Company, using its capable experts, uses the best methods and technologies in the world in designing and manufacturing polyethylene pipes, passing the relevant standards. On the one hand, the technical and specialized knowledge of Nasha Gostar Pardis engineers and experts and high experience in designing and manufacturing polyethylene pipes have provided a very strong support for the advancement of various water and wastewater transmission and treatment projects.

Increasing population growth and rising public health will lead to increased water consumption and more wastewater production. Due to this issue, discharge, storage, transfer and treatment of wastewater is essential to maintain the health of the community and the environment, and attention to it is extremely important from a social and health point of view. Nasha Gostar Pardis Company has taken an effective step to achieve this important goal by designing and constructing transmission, storage and treatment lines for wastewater by using its knowledge and technical ability based on its innovation, creativity and successful experience. This complex is able to meet all the needs of customers and employers in this field, due to the wide sizes of production pipes, storage tanks, septic tanks and manholes with various capacities.

Neshagostar from the beginning


Establishment and start of activity

The policy of Neshagostarpardis Company is based on innovation and creativity, which has ultimately led to the provision of superior quality and customer satisfaction. Neshagostarpardis Company was established in 1998 based on these principles and with its efforts and perseverance became the first producer of double-walled polyethylene pipes.

Development of the production sector

The needs of the market and attention to the completeness of the product basket requested by customers, led the experts of Neshagostarpardis Company to increase its production lines in addition to the previous production sizes, and is now able to expand its double-walled polyethylene pipes from 200 to Produce and supply 2500 mm in mechanical resistances required by the customer.

Start of exports to Middle Eastern countries

In the first decade of the 21st century, Neshagostarpardis Company went beyond the borders of our beloved country and was able to offer its products to Iraq, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan and have good interactions with the countries of the region.

The top producer of the country

With a quarter of a century of experience and innovation, Neshagostarpardis Company is now a leading manufacturer in the field of double-walled polyethylene pipes, double-walled polyethylene water and acid storage tanks, septic tanks and wastewater treatment packages. Always paying attention to customer orientation and providing appropriate quality in products, Neshagostarpardis Company has been ranked first in the production of double-walled polyethylene pipes.

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