Production of double walled polyethylene pipeNeshaGostar Pardis

Highest quality

In Nashagster, the result of using suitable and high quality raw materials has led to the production of quality, durable and durable products.

22 years of credit and experience

We are ready to provide our services to you with our credibility and work experience

The country's top producer

For several consecutive years, Nashagster has succeeded in receiving the country's top brand in the field of double-walled pipe production.

Manufactured products


Nashagostar pardis Company is the first manufacturer of double-walled polyethylene pipes and septic tanks of Carogit using the latest manufacturing methods.

Nasha Gostar Pardis Company, using its capable experts, uses the best methods and technologies in the world in designing and manufacturing polyethylene pipes, passing the relevant standards. Technical and specialized knowledge of engineers and experts of Nasha Gostar Pardis on the one hand and high experience in designing and manufacturing pipes Polyethylene has provided very strong support for the advancement of various water and wastewater transmission and treatment projects. For technical advice and suggestions, please contact us.